ISO Tank Containers Type Imo5 For LPG And Ammonia

ISO Tank Containers Type Imo5 For LPG And Ammonia

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ISO Tank Containers Type Imo5 For LPG And Ammonia

TC 2000  
Posted Date: August 15, 2005
The tank container is intended for transportation by car, river, sea and railway transport. The usage of the tank-containers makes possible for you: - to carry out intemational transportation with customs seals to any place of the world, with any number of state frontiers being crossed; - to exclude cargo transfer operations during transporting intermodally from the manufacturer to the user; - to reduce the costs of transportation compared with its traditional kinds; - to ensure transportation safety owing to the use of world system of certification, inspection and repair of containers as well as container and cargo ensurance; - to include them, for example, directly into production circles of chemical and petroleum refining works; - each container is equipped with amanhole, safety and stop valves. For easy maintenance, tank-containers have longitudinal stages with safe coverings.


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